Environmental Science Assignments


Unit Progress 9-14-17


14 Thursday ===============================================================

In Class:

• Check water levels for the Pineapple Plants, Herbs, and Potatoes and add as the situation
   requires.  Fish were fed yesterday, so they don't need anything today.

•  Any group that hasn't swabbed and smeared "germs" on each side of their culture
   dishes should do that before the first 5 minutes of class has passed.  If it's not done by
   then, we'll get it done tomorrow (it's not procrastination, it's time management!)

•  We'll be working on the greenhouse tomorrow so bring/wear appropriate clothes

•  When all are settled in, there's a quiz over chapter 2 section 1 (one person, one desk).

•  Read chapter 2 section 2 in the book pp 38-44, and have the Active Reading AND
    review questions from page 44 completed (Due BOC 9/15)